We at Prime Plumbing have a long history of serving Murrieta’s garbage disposal repair and installation needs, and we are happy to do it. Garbage disposal repair is not only a frustrating issue to deal with but it can be a dirty and dangerous one to fix. It is our hope that the Murrieta community and surrounding area would entrust this task to Prime Plumbing’s certified plumbers.

What isn’t my garbage disposal working?

Truly, there is a plethora of potential causes for garbage disposal malfunction. Fixing it could be as simple as finding the power plug jarred loose and plugging it back in, or as complex as repairing or replacing a specific part of the motor itself. Some of the more common issues include:

  • Leaks – often due to damaged or worn flanges, seals, or connecting pipes
  • Jams- due to obstructions between the impeller blades and the shredding ring
  • No Power- unit may have come unplugged or need to be reset. It could be an issue with your circuit breaker or a bad switch
  • Impeller Blade Malfunction- possibly due to a damaged or jammed flywheel
  • Clogged Drain- There may be unusually tough physical obstructions somewhere in the line

How do I fix my garbage disposal?

It is possible to make certain garbage disposal repairs on your own. Always check for simple causes like a dislodged power switch or a tripped circuit breaker. However, most other issues are going to be a little more complex and much more dangerous. Many times, “fixing” one issue will actually cause another to become worse, which will ultimately cost you more time, money, health risk and frustration.

Let us help!

We don’t want you to get hurt fixing your own garbage disposal. Spinning blades in hard-to-see spaces are dangerous and difficult to deal with. Let our experienced guys get in there and take care of it for you.