Is your current water heater model on its last leg? Does it waste electricity and run up your utility bill? Maybe it was a faulty unit that never performed as expected? Perhaps enough time has passed that a change or upgrade is past due? If so, we can replace and install a gas or electric water heater for you. Prime Plumbing of Murrieta provides an extensive collection of top residential and commercial plumber grade water heaters from: Fletcher, A.O. Smith, Bradford White and many more water heater products which are only accessible to those qualified plumbing contractors. Our Murrieta based plumbers are well versed in installing a variety of water heaters, both commercial and residential, ranging from a 5 gallon “Stubby”, to a standard 30 gallon tank, all the way up to a large 120 gallon with 500,000 BTU heating capacities. Each and every water heater we install will come with all the required bells and whistles including: earthquake straps, ball valves, supply lines, etc. We do not take shortcuts, nor do we skimp on the quality of products we use.