Slab Leak Repair and Leak Detection

When it comes to your slab repair, we are always more competitive than the larger plumbing companies.
Our plumbing specialists utilize the newest technology to pinpoint your leak expediently and accurately. Once we identified the location and scope of the leak, we will advise you on the best solution; whether it is repairing the leak in the slab or bypassing the leak. Depending on the severity, our technicians may recommend a reroute or repipe (see Repipes).

Common Slab Leak Questions to Ask Yourself

Has your water bill increased? Do you hear the sound of water running in your walls? Do you notice a wet spot on the floor? Have your utility bills gone through the roof? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions – you may have a slab leak. But don’t worry, Prime Plumbing has the experience to help you detect and fix the slab leak!
What are Slab Leaks?
Slab leaks are those that occur under your foundation. Often these show up as a damp area on your floor, carpet, or foundation. Prime Plumbing can identify and find leaks under the slab and fix them so that foundation repairs are not needed, often saving you thousands in dollars that foundation repairs can bring.
slab leak If you feel you have a slab leak:
Turn all water-using appliances off. Turn off all showers, sinks, washing machines, sprinklers, and water spigots. Shut off any double check valve assemblies (DCVA) for the sprinkler system.
Check your water meter. The triangular red or silver and black disc is often called a “leak indicator.”
If you see it spinning, and you’ve shut off all water usage, you probably have a leak.
Shut off your main shut-off valve to your house, usually located near the meter box.
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Please don’t wait if you feel you have a potential slab leak, even a tiny hole can leak over 10,000 gallons a month and you’ll see it in your water bill! We offer annual slab leak detection services to ensure that the foundation of your home or business is safe from the devastating water damage slab leaks can cause.
Especially when it comes to sewer leaks, a sewer leak can go undetected for years without your knowledge. You’ll see signs of soil swelling but no clear sign of a leak.

How does Prime Plumbers find a leak?

We use a leak detection device that can pinpoint the exact location of the leak and a pipe line locator sound allows us to find the camera head underground so we know the precise physical location of the Pipe Line and/or problem.
Slab Leak Repipes
Sometimes, the pipe under the slab is leaking in multiple places and is not repairable. In this situation Prime Plumbing’s qualified technicians are able to re-route the line or re-pipe your home.
If you feel you have a potential slab leak, please don’t hesitate to call us immediately! Our friendly staff is available to help and provide honest reliable service.

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